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New York Is Rebounding for the Rich. Nearly Everyone Else Is Struggling.

The huge income gap between rich and poor in Manhattan is the latest sign that the economic recovery from the pandemic has been lopsided in New York City.


In Menendez Case, Prosecutors Confront Tighter Definition of Corruption

The Supreme Court has said wrongdoing must be clear cut. Some observers say the accusations in the senator’s case pass the test.

An Aristocrat’s Grandson, a Precious Desk and a Storage Unit in Queens

The 18th-century French writing desk that once belonged to Ulrich von Hassell, a German diplomat executed on the orders of Adolf Hitler, had sat for 12 years in a self-storage unit in Queens. The desk had been passed down five generations to …

Where the Migrants Who Came to New York Are Living Now

From every corner of the world to every corner of New York City, newcomers are carving out communities in unexpected — and sometimes hostile — places.

How Libraries Are Fighting Book Banning

Banned Books Week begins on Sunday, and the city’s library systems are mobilizing to support the freedom to read.

‘Ghost’ Guns Found at East Harlem Day Deva Site, Officials Say

It was the second discovery this month of a lethal hazard at a home-based day care program in New York City.

What We Know About a Judge’s Finding That Trump Committed Fraud

New York’s attorney general sued the president using a state law that grants her wide powers to pursue corporate wrongdoing.

Trump’s Lawyers Try to Grasp the Implications of Judge’s Fraud Ruling

At a hearing, lawyers for former President Donald J. Trump and New York State began sorting through the real-world meaning of a finding that he inflated the value of his holdings.

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