18 New Books Coming in October

Buzzy new novels from Jesmyn Ward, Tananarive Due and Daniel Clowes; biographies of Madonna and Sam Bankman-Fried; John Grisham’s sequel to “The Firm”; and much more.


‘Germany 1923’: When Democracy Held Nazism at Bay

In his latest book, the German historian Volker Ullrich describes a nation buffeted by poverty, hyperinflation and political extremism, but managing — for the moment — to thwart Hitler’s ascent.

A Mother’s Quest for Justice in a Lawless Mexican State

FEAR IS JUST A WORD: A Missing Daughter, a Violent Cartel, and a Mother’s Quest for Vengeance, by Azam Ahmed According to “2666,” Roberto Bolaño’s magnum opus, published posthumously in 2004, the “secret of the world” remained hidden in Santa Teresa …

Books About Elites That Elites Will Probably Enjoy

The Substack pundit Fredrik deBoer and the political scientist Yascha Mounk feel that liberal ideologues and “woke” pretenders have marred American life.

Jayne Anne Phillips Finds Anguish and Asylum in Civil War America

Her new novel, “Night Watch,” is a mother-daughter story set in a West Virginia mental institution.

In Her Fiction, Ayana Mathis Refuses to Ignore Black History

Her second novel, “The Unsettled,” follows three generations in a family divided between the North and the South in 1980s America.

Kerry Washington Goes Deep

Kerry Washington’s true colors came out over a pink cardboard box of croissants. “You have to take them back to your office,” said Washington, 46, as she sat, cross-legged, on a wingback chair at the Spence School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. “No …

How a Gun Made for Combat Found Its Way Into Millions of Homes

“American Gun,” by Cameron McWhirter and Zusha Elinson, recounts the grim history of the AR-15 rifle in unvarnished detail.

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